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Having the same result as here?

Publicado: Vie Mar 31, 2017 8:01 am
por Antonio
Hello sorry to bother,

I have a request of you I hope you'll help me, I have a website I with phpbb 3.2 installed, I have almost the same thing as you do here phpbb menu and external pages.

The problem is that I can not have the same result as you do here.

First problem if I click on a page does not remain lit the menu key as you.

The second problem is how can you exclude the navbar footer and higher?

I'm willing to pay you also just ask what you want, thank you and excuse me.

Greetings I hope in your help.

Re: Having the same result as here?

Publicado: Sab Abr 15, 2017 2:17 pm
por nextgen
Hola bienvenido a phpBB Argentina,

En este foro solo se habla español, podes reformular tu pregunta?